Our Products

Ready EMS, a state of the art product of KRV, encampasses and caters in digitalising all the institutional services through its Campus Management System. This suite has been designed in providing indepth analysis of the services in addition to students performance in lines with Outcome Based Education.

LearningCafe is offering easy to navigate, user friendly Learning Management System which address all the requirements of an educational institution in terms of students management, teachers, administrators, finance and management. It is very effective and efficient in communication, collaboration, management of learning and training. classes with integrated VCR system.

Tutioncafe aims to be the e-learning provider for individual aspirants. LearningCafe helps students to choose Tutors based on their preferences. Tutors can publish their expertise courses with own content and also can conduct online classes with integrated VCR system.

SdmsExpress offers an exclusive Assessment Management System suiting to any domain or sector, in order to assess an employee / student with its inbuilt effective different types of questions with proctoring & pep coach specific features.

Learning and Teaching Platform for Schools. StarLMS offers you the best features for Online Teaching, Live Classes, Online Exams and Study Material.

The Project Management System under SkillEMS product, enables the Skill Development Training Partners / PIA’s to automate the processes of SDMS life cycle from student mobilization to post placement tracking.

CETpractice.com, is online portal with competetive exams and information resources on education domain.It offers a diverse array of services for candidates, colleges, training institutes, vendors, courseware publishers, consulting companies and universities.

Jobflakes is a comprehensive job portal innovative technology solution for the organization who are providing man power to the industries. Jobflakes developed to address the needs of both employers and skilled job seekers. fast, easy-to-use solution taking the hassle out of finding, and hiring, the most qualified candidates.

The FPGEETutor.com is a comprehensive assessments designed to measure the critical knowledge and understanding obtained by pharmacy graduates taking FPGEE®.

Surveydice platform delivers online surveys globally to ensure your survey reaches just the right audience and provides the most cost effective and quickest survey results.