Assessment Management System

The Skill Development Assessment Management System, (AMS) is a comprehensive assessments portal innovative technology solution that provides credible and genuine assessment to various aspects of education, training and employment. Our AMS specializes in developing process driven, integrated platforms for skill development centers, Training Providers and Assessing bodies.

Highlights of the Solutions 

  • Management & hosting of different types of question banks viz. long answers, Practical, Viva, MCQ’s, True or False, MMCQ’s, Scenario based viva, Video based questions, Image based questions, match the following, flash cards, Questions & options Randomization
  • Student proctoring with screens, videos, photos and signatures to conduct the exams effectively.
  • Multilingual / Localization of the assessment programs with Online and Offline modes.
  • Student proctoring with video and photo tools.
  • Tracking the assessment location, Assessor with mobile app.
  • Most possible security to secure questions through mechanisms viz. Simultaneous Login blocking, Cut, copy and paste blocking & Timeout based logout, Print screen and Alt button blocking, Can’t navigate out of exam, Abnormal system shutdown logouts
Assessment Management System