Outcome Based Education(OBE) Tracking System

Though this application depicts complete students performance analysis, based on the parameters set by an institution, it also gives enhanced performance mechanism on all possible services in a university / institution viz. student, course, program, event, faculty, hostel, transport, placement drive, Infrastructure in institution, institution.

Highlights of the Solutions 

  • Curriculum, Course & Delivery: Set the quality parameters for the curriculum, course material to identify quality of the course and delivery mechanism
  • Teaching - Learning Process: How efficiently Faculty is delivering the lectures, interaction with students, Students understanding levels of the subject
  • Faculty: Setting the parameters for faculty to identify the expert faculty based on feedback system
  • Industry Lectures: Provision of industry expert lectures for respective subject and identify grasping it by students
  • Soft Skills: Communication, language, Teamwork, Problem solving, Time management, Behaviour
  • Mock Exams: % of marks scored in mock exams which shows the readiness of the student for final exams
  • PEP Coach: Personal Exam Planner (PEP) is the time management tool for the exam preparation.
  • Group Discussion: Set parameter to capture the ability of the student in group discussion
  • Assessments: Semester / Module exams, Final exams, ranks
  • Adoptive Nature: Situational analysis, behaviour with colleagues, faculty, management
Outcome Based Education(OBE) Tracking System