Learning Management System

KRV is specialized in offering easy to navigate, user friendly Learning Management System which addresses all the requirements of an educational institution ONLINE in terms of students management, assessments, virtual classrooms, teachers, administrators, content development & management, finance and analysis management.

Highlights of the Solutions 

  • Content Creation Methodologies including plagiarism tools and content management system
  • Instructional Design Methodologies in creating content viz. text, images, animations, videos
  • LMS manages the entire learning process right from user enrolment, Importing and delivering content tracking their progress.
  • Robust custom-designed interface helps to design and host courses in a hierarchical & structured manner that comprise modules, chapters, topics, lessons, Mock tests, assignments, etc. the architecture is scalable.
  • Effective learning assessments & Exams with different types of exam patterns
  • Pep coach & Exam Proctoring facility for student to attend exam time effectively
  • Remote lecture delivery platform through Virtual Class Room for learners and faculty
  • Remote Lectures Archival Management to create lecture library online
  • Reduced dependency and flexible unlimited access of the course
Virtual Class Rooms

Virtual Class Rooms(VCR)

Virtual class room is a revolutionary concept that streamlines cascading of information via computer, internet and video conferencing devices. VCR serves as an important medium for ones who want to share/access content on virtual platform. Using this technology, one can study or teach without being present in the classroom. Our Learning Management System offers various kinds of VCR platforms that are integrated with Learning Management System to educational and training institutes and corporate organisations that are comprehensive and user-friendly and comply with set requirements.

Mobile Learning

Penetration rate of mobile devices is phenomenal in this tech generation. They are the most handy and used devices around the world. M-learning is the next generation approach of e-learning leveraging mobile devices. KRV Solutions provides flexible and agreeable collaborative space on mobile devices for users to easily upload and access required information as engage fully in learning process . Our product externalizes easy-to-use and extremely convenient medium for M-learning with admissible features for our customers. 

Mobile Learning
Student Management

Student Management

We offer innovative student management system in order for students to access the necessary content with utmost flexibility. Upon entering the site, students can access different courses based on the requirements. Students can access the content online round the clock. It also supports wide range content formats including multimedia to enhance the learning process. It also ensures two-way communication between the educator and the student for better understanding of the content.

Content Management

Content plays a pivotal role in an organization as it states an organization’s standard and workflow to define and meet the training requirements. Managing content sometimes might get complex, owing to the diverse formats. To make this easy and efficient, KRV Solutions has devised this hassle free Content Management System that supports and consolidates a wide variety of content ranging from audio, video to SCROM, AICC and Tin Tan.  

Content Management


E-commerce is the latest trend that’s been buzzing around for a while. Our LMS is designed in such a way that it can be merged with authentic payment gateways such as CCAvenue, PayUBiz, etc., and also offers analytical data that gives information regarding transactions carried out through link enabled to the students. 

LMS is intended and structured system to offer a prospect for all the Organizations like Training Institutions, Corporate Schools, Governments and other Corporate Administrations to aid in:

  • Creating and uploading any Content format effortlessly.

  • Setting up any program.

  • Classroom Supervision.

  • Corporate Industry.

  • Live Audio/Video Conferencing.

  • Conduct Test, Survey and Evaluations

  • Combine and send Bulletins to Individuals and Groups

  • Circulate new learning content/modules directly to the Web.

  • Bring up-to-date Syllabus, Books, Calendars and Grades

  • Built- in course making.

  • Training Firms.

  • E-Commerce.

  • Analysis and Valuation

  • Talent Tracing.

  • Record and view user performance assessments.

  • Authorise and meet out tests, Survey and Appraisals.

  • Managing Certificates and increase the Skill assessment programs.

  • Evaluation/Scrutinise and apprise Learners progress report and Training Schedule Online.

KRV Solutions not only benefits Organizations but also embolden Students / Learners by providing the advantages of :

  • Student Gateway.

  • Index surfing.

  • Online Enrolment.

  • Built- in course creation.

  • Composite/Combine Learning.

  • Social Learning.

  • Employee Training.

  • Individual and Business Calendars.

  • Online private Planner through 'My Calendar Feature'.

  • Unified Mailbox.

  • Authorises active involvement of trainers and/or trainees in discussion forums.

  • Assessment of Skills & valuation of learning expertise/ability.

  • Review of progress Reports Online.

  • Delivers Certificates on Course accomplishment.

Together with above all, We offer an advanced feature through which Students can learn from anywhere and at any time is through “Our advanced mobile applications”

  • Attend virtual classrooms by experts and also have access to archive classes.

  • Test student knowledge with quizzes in each module with instant results and progress analysis.

  • Device syncing between the app and the organization website, so learner progress is always up to date.

  • Earn Course and Specialization Certificates.

  • Stream lecture videos online any time, or download for offline viewing.